Graphic profile

Here are our graphic communications guidelines regarding the High Coast brand, our visual identity, different versions of the logotype and other graphic images and messages concerning our communication.

Grafisk profil/Visuell identitet (PDF)

Download a summary of our visual identity.

A joint message

The High Coast’s graphic profile

Here are our graphic communications guidelines regarding the High Coast brand. The idea behind this is to create an easily recognised destination. Guidelines should be strictly followed when using High Coast graphics. In this manner we will avoid inappropriate use, which might create confusion and even damage our brand identity.

In our visual expression of the High Coast, we have chosen to focus on our primary qualities, key words and our most recognised assets.

Our most important graphic tool, our logotype, is based on the idea of making a combination of symbols of the region visible: the silhouette of the bridge HögaKustenbron, the land uplift, a campfire, the forest, the river banks, boats on the water and mountains rising from the sea – just to name a few.

And the uneven surface of the logo was inspired by the Rapakivi granite found in the area, and gives our identity a tangible feel and a closeness to nature.

Read more about this under Branding.

Our logotype has a number of variants, please see below.

Vi utgår alltid från att använda primär logotyp. Sekundär logotyp används endast i särskilda fall där det inte går att använda primär logotyp eller av annan anledning (godkänd av profilansvarig). Som designelement har vi även möjlighet att använda logotypen med linjelement, som en havsyta där logotypen reser sig som berg ur hav. Linjen är då alltid utfallande på den plats där den används.

It is important to note that our logotype must not be used together with other logotypes or text to represent the location of the High Coast. For example, “High Coast Riding and Adventure Camps 2018” or “High Coast Hiking Festival”. In these cases and others like them, the logotype cannot be used as part of another concept, text, image, or brand.


Samprofilera dig med Höga Kustens logotyper

De sekundära logotyperna är godkända att användas av andra aktörer, företag eller samarbetspartners som vill profilera sig med Höga Kustens varumärke. De primära logotyperna får ej användas av dessa parter.

Primary logotype against a light background.
Primary logotype against a dark background.
Primary logotype without payoff against a light background.
Secondary logotype (stamp).
Secondary logotype (line).
Secondary logotype (landscape, only used in extreme cases).
Minimum sizing.

To ensure that our logotype is always displayed optimally, there is a free zone around it, where no other text or image may be. The free zone is the same width as the last letter “N” in the logotype.

Please note that this does not apply when the whole logotype is superimposed on a background image.

Inappropriate use of our logotype creates confusion and can potentially damage our brand identity.

Below are examples of how we do not use our logotype.
Please contact us for further information on how to correctly use our logotype.


Do not distort the logotype in any way.
Do not remove any part of the logotype, including the top or the sides as seen in this image.
Do not integrate our logotype with any other graphics, as this can change its appearance and affect its clarity.
Do not rotate the logotype. (The secondary logotype is an exception to this and can be rotated a maximum of 30°, as it can be used as a stamp with less restrictions on its placement.)
Do not use the logotype together with any distracting background patterns or graphics.
Do not use the logotype with a weak contrast background.

We use two fonts for all written external communication, e.g. signs, advertising and printed material. Circular is used for headings and shorter body text, and Garamond is used for body text and longer texts. They can be used together for a good dynamic.

Circular is a clear, clean font that is good for seizing attention, while Garamond is a better choice when easy reading is a focus.

For internal communications, Helvetica can be used as a replacement for Circular, for example when using PowerPoint documents or the like, if Circular is not available.


Circular STD book
Circular STD medium
Circular STD black
Garamond regular
Garamond bold
Garamond italic

Our colours are inspired by our character and our surroundings, and have been named accordingly for easy recognition.

Black can be used instead of granite for text and where it is deemed a better choice. Our logotype uses Granite to reduce the contrast against the white background. In some cases, the logotype can also use black.


Our primary colours
Granit / Granite

CMYK: 44, 34, 22, 78
RGB: 77, 79, 83
HTML: 4D4F53

Himmel / Sky

PMS: 646 C
CMYK: 74, 30, 3, 12
RGB: 84, 130, 171
HTML: 5482AB

Hav / Sea

PMS 302 C
CMYK 100, 46, 12, 58
RGB: 0, 65, 101
HTML: 004165

Aska / Ash

CMYK: 23, 17, 13, 46
RGB: 139, 141, 142

Eld / Fire

PMS: 716 C
CMYK: 0, 63, 99, 0
RGB: 236, 122, 8

Our complementary colours
Sjöbod / Boatshed

PMS 1815 C
CMYK: 18, 98, 86, 56
RGB: 120, 35, 39
HTML: 782327

Skog / Forest

PMS: 553 C
CMYK: 82, 30, 65, 82
RGB: 33, 67, 50
HTML: 214332

Nipor / Sandbank

PMS: 7502C
CMYK: 6, 14, 35, 7
RGB: 211, 191, 150


CMYK uses four-colour process printing, where all colours are created by the four primary colours C =cyan (blue), M = magenta (red), Y = yellow and K = kelvin (black). The number in front of each letter indicates what percentage of each primary colour is included in each colour (e.g. C = 30 means 30 % cyan).

PMS (Pantone Matching System) uses ready-mixed colours. If you are planning on printing the logotype on a garment or a sign, these are the colour specifications you will give to the printer.

RGB is used to show the correct colour nuances in digital media and PowerPoint presentations, for example.

HTML is the code that is used on the internet.

Our graphics complement our logotype and are used to create recurring patterns, which will lead to increased recognition of our brand. Using lines as a base, the surface of the sea that can also be found in our logotype, we have a pattern that we can use to represent nature: trees, mountains and the sea.

These patterns can be used in décor elements, on products, walls and printed material.

We also use this graphic style with the hand-written geographical map, which gives a visual idea of the location of our destination. It is drawn with an unbroken line. The map should always fit into the space it has, so it can be seen that the line is continuous. The thickness of the line can be adjusted to harmonise with other elements in the same image. The line can also be integrated into the graphic element for a stronger effect.


Graphic elements


Graphic map

See below for examples of how our logotype and graphic elements have been applied. Choose products carefully; make sure your material choices and colours look good with our visual identity and character according to our communication strategy.

Vill du nyttja Höga Kustens logga i din marknadsföring? Du får använda de två sekundära logotyperna i din marknadsföring. Läs mer om joint profiling here.