It isn’t easy to keep track of dates, measurements and numbers. Here is a collection of interesting facts about the High Coast. Please feel free to use them in presentations or for other uses. You can also be assured that this topic shows the High Coast brand in the best light.

Thanks to its unique nature and record land uplift after the retreat of the inland ice sheet, UNESCO has named the High Coast as a World Heritage Site.

The famous bridge Högakustenbron is 1,867 metres long and was opened in December 1997. The suspension bridge is one of Sweden’s largest constructions. It is 180 metres above the river Ångermansälven.

The High Coast Trail is a hiking trail that is 127 km long. It stretches between Hornöberget at the mouth of the river Ångermanälven and central Örnsköldsvik. It is divided into 13 sections and each section has at least one place where you can stay overnight in a cabin or cottage.

The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation had a panel of judges select a number of candidates for the prize Sweden’s Best Nature Area. The public voted the High Coast as winner in 2016.

The High Coast, in particular the island of Ulvön, is home to the infamous Fermented Baltic Herring in Sweden. The first commercial production canned the fermented delicacy in approximately 1890. The annual opening night for the fermented Baltic herring season is held on the third Thursday of August each year.

The High Coast is home to approximately 110 nature reserves and one national park (Skuleskogen National Park). Nature reserves are developed to protect natural areas, preserve biological diversity and care for and conserve natural environments and species as well as set aside areas suitable for recreation.

Höga Kusten Turism is the destination’s sales and marketing company that has worked towards strengthening the tourism industry in the High Coast since 2010. The company is owned by approximately 140 local businesses.

The goal for the High Coast destination is to be internationally recognised destination by 2025, which will lead to 800 new jobs by the same year.

Approximately 120,000 people live in the four municipalities of the High Coast – Härnösand, Kramfors, Sollefteå and Örnsköldsvik, The total area of the region is about 14,500 km2.

The High Coast is one of Sweden’s fastest growing destinations. Since 2010, the number of guest nights each year has increased by 66%.

When visiting the High Coast, you can stay in one of the region’s 3,728 commercial beds, rent one of the 353 cottages available or set up your tent/park your motor home in one of the 1,522 camping sites.

The number of foreign visitors coming to the High Coast is constantly growing. Foreign tourists currently make up one sixth of all guest nights in the region. The number of guest nights for foreigners increased by 87% during the period 2010 - 2016.

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